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*2021 Artsy Peeps  Magazine:

The Giant Realism Paintings of Tslil Tsemet - Artsy Peeps

*2020 feature on ”Curate by girls” Magazine:

*2018 Double page interview at “AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR” print magazine, november issue, written by Sarah Elise Abramson:

* 2017 interview on VICE magazine, written by Tanje M.Laden.

*2018| VoyageLA magazine, about Tattoo practice by  voyageLA staff:

*2017| An interview by Genie Davis on “Diversions LA” about the solo show at NUETRA MUSEUM, march 2017:

*2017| An article about the group show “Fantastic Feminist Figuration” by art and cake blog, by Cristine Schomaker:

*An article about the froup show fantastic feminist figuration by Genie Davis:

*2014| Jerusalem Post , January issue 3 pages interiew by Barry Davis:

*2014| Interview at HDL Magazine by Gili Netze (5 pages):

*2013|Publication on City Mouse Magazine about the solo show “No Free Meals” by Ophir El-Boher :

*2011| Time-out jerusalem, “Young Artists” by Idit Heiman:

*2011| cover for AF magazine:

*2010| Af Magazine, 6 issue, Double middle page interview by Yotan Kolner:

*link for a dropbox with translations of hebrew articles:


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