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Through art, I examine the human species via the social and cultural values that we bond ourselves to, and the collective ideals we grasp in order to maintain sanity. My paintings spring from an inherent need to illustrate what I see in my mind, inspired by imagery of global cultures, religions, mythologies, and philosophies. I like to create art that stimulates many parts of the brain at the same time; that is simultaneously funny, disgusting, attractive, twisted, sad, happy, scary, mysterious, confusing, beautiful, and ugly — just like life.

I use painting to illustrate personal thoughts, musings and issues through visual metaphor and connotative imagery, while still seeking to always connect to the social-cultural and political aspects of what we call "reality." I paint to confront a cultural idea or explore a specific concept, and avoid making choices to create something pretty or satisfy the viewer.
Art is a language, it’s about connection and communication, it have a fast immediate access to the viewer subconscious mind, and it have the ability to help us involve, expand and shift our perception.


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