• Tslil Tsemet

Street (cult)

I’m reposting this street scene painting from 9 years ago,painted in jerusalem & tel-aviv, cause I just heard about this crazy sensation that just came to the media and the news, about a very dangerous cult managed by the dude painted on the right and circled in yellow, this dude was always sitting on the sidewalk street near my old apartment in Tel Aviv, randomly talking to ppl and claiming he’s Jesus, and he’s here to heal them. He now found responsible for few murder cases (or mysterious death or he’s believers), leading his followers to debts ,prostitution and drug addictions. We can all recognize it’s awful by all means, but it’s weird how we can all see the danger in a small cult while at the same time most population (or all) living under manipulations that’s taking their money and forcing them to sacrifice their children to the army to die in “holly” wars, if it’s by the name if religion that control ppl by punishment and rewards in the afterlife, or by a country that train them to pay for protection and various ways. I’m now trying to understand what was I describing here, and realizing that the most abstract part in the painting is the face of he’s believer who sitting next to him (this guy was sitting next to him silently for years) till found his mysterious death 1 year ago. I remember I was struggling to paint his face but couldn’t find the power to do so though portraits r usually my favorite part, so the face remains as only 3 brushstrokes, the most undone part, I couldn’t get in there (maybe I should try). This document made me think that with all my high respect to spiritual methods, psychedelics and other dimensions, somehow spiritual and alternative healers/ Shamans/gurus, with all my will to learn expand and accept, still always triggers in me some levels of suspicion. Just wanna add that it’s absurd when ppl still quoting Osho. That’s all.

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