• Tslil Tsemet

circumcision in space

השבת עבור: אנגלית

My painting "circumcision in space" from 2014 was just published in "Gendertuck"- a new Israeli magazine about art and gender, in an issue focused on masculinity. I don't tend to analyze my own work very often since I believe visual images goes way deeper than words, but I was asked to write a short paragraph about the idea behind it So here's the short version translated to English: The two clear main motives in this piece are the old traditional act of circumcision combined with the army helmet that the baby is wearing on his head (these 2 things are common worldwide but in Israel especially since the Jewish religious tradition combined with being located in a core war zone) underlining the life-long traumatizing experience a baby is going through shortly after being born, and then being sent to war at the young age of 18 . in this image It all being taken out of it natural realistic surrounding and background and being relocated into outer space, since one of the most useful artistic tricks is to take an element and isolate it from its natural context and environment- to highlight and accentuate how twisted and cruel those things we were programmed to take for granted really are. It has always made me sad to see how our social-cultural mentality and heritage about gender norms have to lead my brothers (and sisters) to act in toxic behaviors by suppressing big parts of their nature while increasing their aggression in the name of power. It is shocking to see how even nowadays those things keep happening on a daily basis. If we are not going to stop and question that then what we do going to question? It is soothing to finally see it on print after being censored out of most exhibits I did.  it's a living proof of how our society is currently shifting into a new paradigm direction.

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